Redefining the Narrative of Black Businesses

For one young entrepreneur, Deon Bonaparte, this journey started as nothing but a hope and a dream. In the height of 2020, amidst a global pandemic,  the vision to launch a hybrid brand strategy and brand marketing agency was born.

After graduating from college, Bonaparte realized that there was minimal BIPOC representation within Chicago’s marketing industry and set out to make a change. On May 15th, 2020, the change came with Agency Evolve. 

Not long after, things began to take off, and Agency Evolve was able to scale to over six figures in just a few months. It wasn’t long before Bonaparte made a splash in the marketing industry — Being named Entrepreneur of the Year by Black Christian Influencers in December 2020, recognized as one of the top Black entrepreneurs to watch by Yahoo Finance in July 2020, and speaking at TEDx in July 2021.

Bonaparte states, “Not only did we want to give black and brown businesses a quality solution for marketing and branding, but we also wanted to provide our client partners a chance to be proudly represented by people who look like them. This effort has led to us working with some of the fastest growing BIPOC owned businesses in the country, and we continue to help scale their business to generate increased revenue and the various opportunities to create relevant communal impact .“

The fact is, Black and Brown business owners are just as skilled and hard-working as their white counterparts. The only point of difference is seen in the access to information and resources within these communities. Because of this, young BIPOC entrepreneurs often face challenges that they’re unable to recover from.

Bonaparte has now set his sights on changing the trajectory of these businesses. Agency Evolve plans to focus its efforts in BIPOC communities to provide quality marketing, branding, and strategy solutions with the hopes of redefining the narrative for underserved and underrepresented businesses everywhere.