PLH Consulting

Company: PLH Consulting


-Brand Strategy

-Web Design


-Social Media Marketing

Overview: PLH Consulting provides systems strategy & CRM setup to solopreneurs & small business owners, so they can grow a sustainable business and live the life of freedom they desire. Working with PLH positions you for success as you overcome the hurdles of growth and transition.

Problem: PLH had strong aspirations to help businesses build their internal systems but did not have the clarity on how to market and position their solution to communicate to their ideal client.

Solution: We provided a brand strategy workshop for PLH Consulting and helped them craft their core messaging and positioning. The key insight for PLH Consulting was, “Creating Systems that position business owners for sustainable growth in business and in life.” This was derived from research showing that most business owners lack effective systems that can help the scaling process without burnout or dropout. PLH wanted to help business owners find balance in their business so that they don’t burnout, and they could still enjoy a quality of life. Along with this clarity we were able to develop a fresh logo, website and assist with social media marketing to bring awareness to her new offerings.