Dedicated to respected diversity and inclusion, we champion innovation and sustainability through strategy, imagination, and cultural insights.

We are Agency Evolve, a multicultural/black-owned integrated brand marketing agency dedicated to leading BIPOC companies of all markets through the process of launching best of class brands and ideas to the marketplace.

Our Story

The phrase “my block” cultivates a different meaning when you grow up on the South Side of Chicago. Depending upon what block your two-flat house resided could determine your future. Although life is a sum of choices, your environment can either present many or very few options. As vast and beautiful as Chicago remains, the inner-city paints a different and limited portrait. Picture your life dedicated to the streets or finding stability at a 9-5 that occasionally makes ends meet. Agency Evolve was born from an opportunity to create from a blank canvas we like to call “exposure”.

At the core of our purpose we seek to provide experiences that matter. Our organization consists of many talented and gifted individuals who were unaware of the marketing world due to low proximity to people within those fields. Not many who were seated at a table looked like us. AE created a table to convey the comprehensible message of our significance.

Our Cause

Our 100% minority black-owned business focuses on cultivating new and relevant opportunities that promote social advancement and provide underrepresented business value beyond words.

To the resilient BIPOC business and the corporate organizations seeking to build stronger partnerships among minorities, we serve the underserved.

Our Commitment

Our passion is simple but the execution requires us together in the strength of community. We all have the social responsibility to amplify the voices of minorities. These opportunities improve our overall economic well-being and build thriving communities.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Diversity & Inclusion Research
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Campaign Ideation and Development


  • Print, Social & Digital
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Motion Design


  • Brand Marketing
  • Experience Design
  • Product & Campaign Integration
  • SEO


  • Brand Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Storytelling