Company :

BUiLT International

Capabilities :

Channel Development
Audience Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Brand Audit
Brand Strategy
Identity Design

Overview :

BUiLT International is a non-for-profit organization based in Richardson, Tx. BUILT International is part of the united movement bringing equality in tech. They believe in equity; for Blacks in tech, where they work, with those who buy their (black) products and investors who support their (black) ventures.

Problem :

Despite BUiLT’s initial success, there was a struggle to create messaging and pathways to deepen relations with sponsors and their ideal target audience. Also, due to the rising number of organizations passionate about seeing blacks in tech, there was a need to create a more identifiable brand identity system for BUiLT that could zag away from friendly competitors and position BUiLT as an undeniable authority.

Solution :

We were able to successfully dive deeper into the strategic needs for BUiLT’s audience and identify the appropriate channels to connect and nurture those relationships. We also were able to create an unique identity system that differentiated from other leading tech orgs in this space.