Trust us when we say that we have a deep love for Branding, Storytelling, & Diversity. It’s a love story
we can’t keep to ourselves.

Our Story

In 2020, AE’s roots were first planted as NDVU+LAB, an agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with brand strategy. The company evolved exponentially, making more than 6-figures in three months. As momentum and influence grew, we sought to deepen our “why”. Our new name, “Agency Evolve,” came from wanting to see our culture move forward. Thus, we exist to serve the underserved.

Fueled by a desire to see people in an industry that reflected him, Deon Bonaparte began Agency Evolve in 2021. The heartbeat of its mission is to redefine the narrative of minorities in corporate spaces.

Our founder, Deon, led the charge in shifting our mission’s focus. It was finally clear that we envisioned a world where BIPOC businesses were not only seated at the table but revered.

We have used our tools to help black and brown businesses increase sustainability and longevity through marketing, branding, and strategy. We seek to amplify the voices of all those who were not afforded the opportunities and the resources to climb success’ ladder.


Deon Bonaparte

CEO | Senior Brand Strategist

Breanna Bonaparte

Creative Director

Suman Das


Ashley Shuler

Senior Project Manager